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Leadership and Outreach

Lend An Ear’s mission is to make the gift of hearing available to all low income people, beginning with seniors and expanding to everyone who qualifies as low income. It became apparent over the past several years that hard of hearing and deaf seniors with low incomes have been forgotten. Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids; therefore, many seniors who could have continued to be a valuable part of our society are rendered helpless because they cannot hear and cannot afford the cost of hearing aids. After searching for an answer it was discovered that used or no longer needed hearing aids could be easily recast and refurbished to fit someone else.

Lend An Ear Outreach was fortunate to find caring audiologists who committed to provide free examinations, and upon verification of need by their diagnosis, volunteered to fit the refurbished hearing aids which have been donated to Lend An Ear to qualified people in our area. At this time the organization has no paid staff and the Board and volunteers are responsible for all operational activities and are providing the gift of hearing to many seniors. With your help and the help of others, we will continue to give the gift of hearing to those who would otherwise be forgotten. If you have an old pair of hearing aids that you would like to donate contact Scott Hetzinger at: [email protected] or call 904.285.1384.

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